How to lose weight and keep it off?

How to lose weight and keep it off (what I did)

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  • how to lose weight fast
  • how to lose weight more easily
  • the error that makes you resume right after a diet
  • how not to gain weight after a diet
  • how not to gain weight

How to lose weight fast?

To lose weight quickly, you must start by reviewing your eating habits.

I never ate breakfast and ate a lot. I stopped snacking, and got into the habit of eating 3 meals a day, with vegetables, but no starches or grains.

Be careful, if you’re not hungry in the morning, you don’t need to force yourself. You have to wait until you are hungry, until the urge to eat is triggered.

I also used to eat Liège chocolates for dessert, I first switched to fruit yoghurts, then white cheese “0% “.

We must first cut out sweets, refined products and eat only “real foods”, foods that are natural. It really is done step by step…

At first I didn’t even play sports, just a little muscle building at home, never cardio… I lost 1 kilo in the first month. As soon as I got into sport, I lost 8 kilos in 1 month!

How to lose weight more easily?

There is no point in depriving yourself, forcing yourself to just eat salad for lunch and soup in the evening.

Natural food should not be seen as a diet, but as a healthy lifestyle every day. Healthy products every day, with little pleasures.

I am greedy, I love chocolate and I continue to eat all the days. But I choose dark chocolate with 90% cocoa, and eat small amounts.

Another important thing is also to surround yourself with people who will help you: your friends, your family … Especially at the beginning.

You mustn’t lie to yourself, there are days you will want to eat junk food. But if you think of someone who motivates you, that will help you a lot.

The mistake that makes you resume right after a diet?

Dieting is restrictive, and it can make you gain weight quickly.

And it may give you deficiencies and above all has a good chance of not matching you … It’s a big effort for little results.

You know full well that you will not stick to this “diet” all your life.

So you are always going to crack, because it is not livable in the long term.

You had a hard time, you want to reward yourself so you are going to eat more sugars, more fat… And your body which was waiting for it to be okay take advantage to store.

How not to gain weight after a diet?

Dieting is forcing your body to lose weight.

Diets don’t take into account your constitution, that is, how your body is made, how your metabolism works, or what we call the doshas in ayurveda.

I know I have a slow metabolism, I store easily unlike my sister. A general practitioner even told me that I was going to be overweight my whole life!

Still, I am not gaining weight, and my body remains firm.

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How not to gain weight?

Maintaining a healthy diet is the foundation!

By learning to listen to your body, your hunger, your desires, you will éé balance your diet sustainably. Beware of sugars, even of natural origin such as in fruits …

An apple is good, but a lot of apples is also a lot of sugar. And it’s better to eat more fat than sugar. If your diet is not healthy and natural, you risk gaining weight.

I also continue to exercise regularly, several times a week.

Exercising increases your calorie expenditure. So be careful, don’t start by playing sports without changing your diet. Sport will make you hungrier, so you will want to eat more and you may not lose weight…

Your turn!

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