8 changes to find the joy of living

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What if rediscovering the joy of living was simply feeling aligned between your feelings, your thoughts, your words and actions?

Very often, it is the discrepancy between these elements that is the source of unease in your life. The idea is to find harmony between what you do, why you do it, who you spend time with, all framed by a healthy lifestyle that suits you.

There are internal and external factors and you can control most of them. Yes, there are some things you can’t do anything about and you have to learn to accept them as they are. But for everything else, you can take action.

Here are the 8 changes to find the joy of living

1 / How to surround yourself with positive people

You have certainly read or heard it before, but let me remind you: the environment has a huge impact on your level of well-being or harm -be .

Take a step back and ask yourself if the people around you are positive? If you hang out with toxic or depressed people, it is in your best interest to see them less often (if not at all). The former devalues ​​you while the latter sucks your energy.

2 / Change your diet to feel better

“Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are. “Yes, we are what we eat.

In your opinion, is it a surprise if you feel bad after eating factory-chain-processed foods? Artificial and chemical products? Treats packed with sugars? I remind you that sugar is toxic to your body, which must produce insulin to save your life when there is excess glucose (sugar) in the blood.

And now imagine how your body reacts after a meal rich in vegetables, fruits, proteins and good fats ? He feels good, that’s obvious!

Just like an automobile, your body needs the right fuel to function properly. If you put unleaded in a diesel car, it might not react very well … To you, it’s the same thing: treat yourself well. And start to get back in shape quickly with a diet to lose weight and regain vitality.

3 / Exercise to rediscover the joy of living

Once again, your zest for life depends (in large part) on your physical well-being. Like a vehicle, your body needs to move in order to function well . You are not going to leave your car in the garage for 2 years, are you? Likewise, your limbs need to be on the move too.

It’s up to you to find a physical activity that suits you : walking, cycling, tennis, yoga, dance, team sports, etc. . In addition to having a positive effect on mood, sport generates physical and nervous fatigue which promotes sleep .

That brings us to the next point: sleep.

4 / Sleep well to regain the joy of living

Often overlooked, sleep allows your body to restructure itself during the night . Some rituals to make sleep easier to take hold of you:

– Eat light at dinner time

– Work out in the evening (as said in point n ° 3)

– Go to bed early, even if you don’t fall asleep right away

– Stop exposure to screens 1 hour before bedtime

– Read a book or meditate to help you fall asleep

5 / Bring a touch of spontaneity into your life

The society in which we live formats us not to value them, my artistic and manual activities are an excellent way to rediscover the joy of living .

Why? Because by practicing them, you unplug the rational brain that is causing you so much harm. For example, you can take up painting, try your hand at pottery, or learn to play a musical instrument.

You can also explore the unknown by exploring a new part of your city, a new part of your region or even a new country.

In one sentence: go on an adventure, do new things !

6 / Do more what you want

As humans, we don’t have the same pace of life as the machines we work from. Sitting all day behind a computer screen is not in our nature. We gain by following the slow, calm and calm rhythm of… nature.

Do you like your job? If your professional activity is against your values ​​or you don’t like it, it might be time to reconsider it. In general, spend more time doing what you love .

7 / How to set goals and achieve them

If you want to live a life that thrills you , you must have direction, clearly established goals. And above all, know why you are doing it .

Whether you are looking to lose weight or “get rich”, you need to be able to know why you want it. Your daily actions will flow from these goals.

You have certainly heard of the power of habits. In the long run, this is what will keep you doing what improves the quality of your life .

Because motivation is good, but it wears off very quickly. Good habits endure.

8 / Laughter increases happiness

We tend to forget: smiling is a trigger of joy and not the other way around. So smile at life, it will do it back.

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