Quitting Sugar: The Truth of Sugar Addiction

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“I am addicted to sugar! How to do without it? “

This phrase is spoken by the majority of women who want to lose weight. So how to stop sugar overcome this sugar addiction?

Sugar has always been our enemy. Even if everything that is sweet is delicious in the mouth, it is obviously very bad for our body, our organism and especially for our weight loss. Before answering this problem that affects us all, we must ask ourselves some questions.

First of all, what is sugar?

First of all, sugar is part of the carbohydrate family. In its natural state, it is found mainly in fruits but also in vegetables.

What we know the most is refined sugar, or white sugar.

It comes from sugar cane and beetroot. The end goal of refined sugar has so many production steps that it loses all of its vitamins and minerals.

It is now only used to give a sweet taste to our preparations and is only good to provide us with extra calories. This fast type of sugar is accompanied by other types:

– glucose (including this refined sugar in particular),

– fructose (obtained more naturally than the others),

– lactose (found in milk)

– and maltose (which is mainly present in cereals).

We can also distinguish slow sugars, which are found more in bread, pasta, rice, potatoes … This type of sugar is more recommended than rapid sugar since it is absorbed more slowly in our body.

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How does sugar work in our body?

Sugar is broken down into fructose and glucose as it passes through our body. It first lands in our blood, which can make us feel like “fuel” or a surge of energy from glucose. This can also be called blood sugar. Being a fast sugar, this feeling of extra energy doesn’t last long.

Another part of the glucose will go into our faith and muscles. Glucose also passes through the brain, which helps it boost and be more energetic.

Logically, glucose helps give us a boost during exertion (usual or more marked as sport). If this glucose is not spent, it sets in and turns to fat!

Here are some recipe ideas available to eat less sugar easily

After all of this, why is sugar poisonous to our body?

How to beat sugar addiction

If you are addicted to sugar read this carefully.

Sugar leads to many tragic inconveniences for our body: it is the main cause of diabetes and its explosion in recent years, which is already a significant point.

We discover little by little that sugar acts in a negative way on our body, in particular in the brain (loss of memory and capacity), the teeth (the appearance carries), the heart (sugar increases the risk of high blood pressure), the kidneys (it can lead to chronic kidney disease).

The most important thing for us today is that sugar is a major factor in weight gain. Indeed, the storage of this glucose, which is not eliminated through physical effort, is stored as fat.

This is why your metabolism is often out of order. Try a ketogenic diet to get it right.

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After all this information, one thing is certain: sugar is not a reliable ally for our weight loss. It even causes our weight gain, and, in larger doses, causes major damage to our body.

So, is it possible to detoxify yourself from sugar when you are addicted?

Now we will fight this sugar addiction in 4 steps! But for that, you have to put your own money!

First step to stop being addicted to sugar: you have to cut gradually refined sugar

And I insist of course on “gradually”, because stopping the sugar too suddenly leads to the slightest frustration a massive cracking on the first chocolate bar or the first packet of candies that will fall under your hand , and the results will be catastrophic!

Challenge yourself, go from 4 squares of chocolate to taste it to 3, then 2, then 1 and finally only one from time to time, for you congratulate on your well-deserved efforts!

Second step: replace white (or wheat) starch with whole starch

White pasta or white rice are good starchy foods, but the sugar they contain is not the best for our body and cannot be digested. the same way. So choose wholemeal pasta, for example.

This step is especially essential for bread. Wholemeal bread is more recommended than white bread, especially during periods of food rebalancing, since it provides more fiber and has a more satiating power than white bread.

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Step three: eat more natural sugar

It is found in many foods, especially fruit. Our bodies need sugar for energy, that’s obvious. But you have to offer GOOD sugar, which is mainly found in fruits and vegetables! Prefer a good fruit salad to a package of cakes, your body will thank you!

Fourth step: cracking is human, but we must limit the damage!

If you couldn’t resist a packet of candy found high in your cupboards, you need to limit the damage to your body right away. Take the reflex to make yourself a good hot drink composed simply of hot water and lemon.

Mixing water and lemon will slow the absorption of sugar, which will do less damage to your body.

And you, are you ready to fight this sugar addiction?

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