What sport to choose / what to do at the gym to lose weight?

In the collective imagination, playing sports = losing weight, overall. We will start right away by saying that this is not quite true: As recalled in the article the article of the 3 reminders that do not hurt), the only thing that makes you lose weight (and fat mass, in general, is spending more calories than you consume . This is possible in 2 ways: by limiting your intake (and here we are talking about reduce your calorie intake, while maintaining a healthy distribution of nutrients (see the article on the flexible diet) or increase your expenditure (that is to say, yes, potentially, by playing sports. But which sport to choose, and how do you ensure that your workouts are effective – that is, burn as many calories as possible in the shortest time?

Also, it can be noted that combining the two – a slightly lower calorie intake, following that slightly low calorie nutritional plan, for example, AND playing sports, in order to spend even more, is a quick way to have results – be careful not to create too large a deficit, since this could cause problems later, the metabolism tending to get used to a deficit, and end up adapting your expenditure to the energy you are in it bring. (read the article on reverse dieting to find out if you are in this situation)

If you at least partially choose the second option, that is to say to spend more energy, you will have to find a physical activity that suits you, and that is effective to spend the most calories in a minimum of time.

1. If you don’t want to go to the gym:

This is a great option for those who don’t feel the courage to go out training frequently – practicing supervised, individual or team sports are indeed a good way to establish a sports routine.
The calorie expenditure really depends on the chosen sport, but the idea is above all to find an activity that you like, and that will motivate you, until exercise is a habit, and a trick pleasant, instead of being a constraint.
You can try tennis, badminton, rock climbing, football, rugby, .. In short, anything that has always attracted you – you may discover a passion by burning calories!

2. If you go to the gym:

You have the choice of the type of effort according to the equipment available in your room: treadmill, rower, indoor bike, AssaultBike, elliptical trainer, “recumbent” bike (I would tend to directly rule out the latter, which is a simplified version of the bike that uses fewer muscles, to be preferred only if you have a physical problem that prevents you from riding a “normal” bike, the posture being much better) Good

2.1 Interval training

This is the most “economical” way to burn calories, and it saves a lot of time. The idea is to alternate intense effort and recovery. The principle on the other hand implies that you give your all during the exercise intervals (effort of 70 to 90% of your maximum capacity), and that you use the rest periods to recover. You really have to go all out, and it can be hard to push yourself, but it’s the best way to quickly get your heart rate and energy expenditure up.

2.2 Slow and steady cardio

This is the option that has often been favored in the past, because it starts from a fairly simple premise: the longer you exercise, the more calories your body uses. That’s right, but it’s also not the most efficient way to go. if you like it, do not deprive yourself of it. however, do not feel obliged to do 40min to 1 hour cardio sessions, especially if you do not challenge yourself at all. A good way to measure your effort is to keep an eye on your heart rate: it should be above 130 generally, and if possible reach 150 or 160. Obviously, this is harder to keep up with. time but ensures better energy expenditure.

I will always tend to recommend using the equipment that mobilizes the most muscle i.e. the treadmill, the rower or even the assault bike – but for having been a great I’m used to the elliptical trainer, I know some prefer it and as long as you put enough effort into it, it’s a good way to burn calories too.

Warning! Very Important: Even if your goal is weight loss only, DO MUSCLE BUILDING TOO.

Muscle consumes more calories (even at rest) than fat. The more muscle you have, the higher your BMR – that is, the more calories you burn by doing nothing.

Continuing to work your muscles, especially during a period of calorie deficit, is the best way to ensure that you lose as little muscle mass as possible. It is the essential time to consume enough protein every day so that the body does not seek in its reserves (that is to say the muscles) to find what it needs daily.

3. If you like to run (or want to get started)

Outdoor running is a great exercise, as it allows you to work on your cardio, speed, and stability. However, slow jogging is ultimately relatively low in heat, so prefer shorter outings at a more sustained pace (which will allow you to really improve your cardio), or in intervals as well.
Obviously no worries if you enjoy a long outing from time to time, without pressure and without challenge: just know that there are more “efficient” ways to burn calories when you are constrained by time .

Obviously, like everything related to fitness and nutrition: I’m giving some guidelines here, to get you on the right track, but what works for the majority of people may not work for you. the best part is still experimenting to find the solution that suits YOU best.

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