5 tips to avoid crashing your diet while on vacation

Before the holidays, we have plenty of good resolutions s. We eat better (generally because we want to have a presentable body in a swimsuit, which is not necessarily the best motivation, but let’s move on), we do a little more sport, in short , we make the effort to have a relatively healthy life in anticipation.

So ok, it’s the holidays, I hear. And having fun during this great time of year is paramount . But we can absolutely have a great time AND not gain 8 kilos in 2 weeks .

And for that, here are 5 simple tips:

1. We don’t say “screwed up for screwed up”

I’ve said it before, but this logic of saying “since I ate a lot this morning, I might as well completely ruin my day” is NO . I’m going to use the same analogy as in this article on how to deal with too much food, but it would be like t ”I dropped my phone, too bad, I just have to jump on it on foot joints ”. It doesn’t help anyone or anything, you regret the next day even more, and will have to tighten your belt (figuratively for your phone, literally for your diet) to repair the damage.

300kcal extra is much easier for the body to understand than 2000. He can handle small excesses, you just have to trust him. Good.

2. We choose our ice cream better.

If possible, we skip the Miko 28 chocolates-almonds-pistachios and the frozen Snickers (sorry), and refocus on fruit sorbets. 3 to 5 times less caloric, and still refreshing and really good. And we can even sprinkle a few chocolate shavings on it, because we’re not savages after all.

3. We don’t take an aperitif EVERY day.

I also like rosé-pamp, multicolored cocktails (or mulled wine, if we are talking about winter holidays.) But that’s no reason why “it’s the holidays” is a open door has ultra excessive consumption. On the one hand because it is very bad for your body, on the other hand because calorically it is quickly the jungle, especially if we add peanuts and crisps. To limit the breakage, we drink white wine c (without pure sugar syrup in it) and we nibble on vegetables soaked in yogurt-based dip sauces . (and no mayonnaise, sic)

4. We keep moving

You are on vacation, and there are certainly better things to do than stay on the beach / in your bed / in your chalet / in a clearing napping all day. Get moving, go see stuff, do cool activities (via ferrata, scuba diving, sledding, frisbee, whatever). In a group it’s even funnier, and It will have the merit of making you discover the area, in addition to burning the calories of the evening aperitif (because I feel that making you let go of the curlys it will not be easy.)

5. Once and for all, we get it in our heads: we NEVER eat to please someone

and there, I particularly target family vacations. But there is ALWAYS someone who wants to make you drink, eat stuff , who keeps telling you to refill yourself, who puts things on your plate when your back is turned é . (In general, she is a grandmother, but it can also be a cousin who wants to be relieved of what she eats. You have to be wary of everything.) Your well-being comes before necessity to please others. If you don’t want a twelfth merguez, don’t eat it. If your uncle brings butter buns and you have é young é, don’t take 3. People understand, but he You just have to talk to them about it. It’s okay not to want custard and to prefer an apple for dessert. And it’s a shame to feel bad afterwards because someone else made the decision for you. So we don’t eat if we don’t want to