I tested for you: the Insanity program

I haven’t done any real cardio for several months, contenting myself with 15min at the start of the training (since I no longer have the need to burn calories, having reached my minimum weight.) And, yes, I have exertional asthma. But as a very regular athlete, I was only very moderately afraid of a little harsh 30min.

Insanity, what is it?

It’s a sports program, normally carried out over 60 days (and often at home, with the DVDs kindly sold on the site) that promises to lose fat and gain muscle in record time.

The concept is simple: short sessions (between 30min and 45min), during which we do long periods at high intensity, and quieter breaks of 30 seconds. (it is therefore the opposite of interval training, i.e. quiet sessions with peaks of intensity)

The goal is to work the whole body, so there are push-ups, squats, a lot of cardio.

and how is it actually going?

Background music, a coach opposite who does all the exos while talking quietly, as if everyone could AND do jumping jacks and discuss the weather.

On the music side, nothing innovative, techno clubbing, to which we have cleverly added loud siren noises. At each siren, you have to change your exercise, without taking a break.

As for exercises, 3 “blocks” of 3 sets: cardio / squats / push-ups, each set increasing in intensity.

and what do I think?

the +

> Time flies, the exos follow one another without having time to realize what is going on (and therefore to suffer)

> it burns on the way out, and that’s a good thing. Cardio is free of charge, and a little squats never hurt anyone.

> It’s short: at worst, if we have a hard time, 30min is not untenable either.

les –

> few well-targeted movements, we are looking more to burn calories than muscle precision

> as long as the group is not at the same level, it quickly looks like a mess of people going at their own pace. Obviously, the English do not have the same taste for physical excellence. (No offense, I’m talking about the 20 people who were with me yesterday.)

> It’s short. 30 minutes is good, but as long as you are athletic, it leaves a taste of “1 hour missing”.


perfect for losing weight and / or having a real good time.

I might go back there from time to time, in the evenings when I want to let go of the ballast.

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