Want to get a flat stomach? And you want a flat stomach in 5 minutes?

Today we are going to see 4 secrets to having a flat stomach in 5 minutes


The equation is simple: you need to decrease the layer of fat that is currently in your abdomen.

To do this, the goal is to induce a calorie deficit . This means that you are spending more energy than you are consuming. Here is the simple formula:

Here are 4 magic secrets that you can put in place right now to lose belly fat fast.

1 – Eliminate refined sugars to have a flat stomach quickly

Changing your diet has a huge impact on your figure (and on your well-being). As I said before, the idea is to create this famous calorie deficit to cause the body to draw on its fat reserves. In a nutshell: to lose weight, you must reduce the intake of sugars (and not fat).

To do this, you need to stop processed products, reduce the intake of gluten and … refined sugars. Concretely, we eliminate: all ready-made meals, pizzas, white bread, pastries and cakes, white pasta and everything that is based on wheat and refined sugars in general. Dairy products should also be avoided, cow’s milk above all.

“OK Margaux, that’s cool, but what am I replacing all this with?” By foods with a low glycemic index. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Oil fruits : hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, almonds, etc.
  • Raw vegetables : carrots, beans and green vegetables
  • Legumes : red lentils, green lentils, split peas
  • Fish and eggs : whose glycemic index is close to zero
  • Vegetable milks : almond, hazelnut, spelled, oat milk, etc.

Good to know: NATURAL honey is an excellent alternative to add a touch of sugar to your desserts

2 -Do cardio several times a week to lose belly fat quickly

To be beautiful and fit, there is no miracle … you have to move! Until proven otherwise, the most effective way to burn calories effectively is to exercise vigorously .

Plus, it’s magic, your body continues to burn fat for hours after exercise!

Here is an example of a program that I offer if you have access to a gym (but you can also do it at home or outside by adapting the exercises):

  • Elliptical trainer, you warm up for 5 minutes
  • 1 minute ultra-intense at 80/90% of your maximum heart rate
  • 2 minute cool down at low intensity
  • We repeat the cycle several times: 1 minute intense, 2 minutes low intensity

The elliptical trainer is an example, but you can do it in many other ways: fast running (outside or on the treadmill), cycling (on the road or indoors), etc.

The idea here is to work in intervals. We will raise the heart rate very high and it is the sum of the “peaks” that will give results, provided you do at least 2 sessions of 30 minutes (ideally 3 or 4).

3 – Test bodybuilding to have visible abdominals

It may surprise you, but weight training is going to play a role in your lost sales. Lifting weights will “shock” the body, which will create (good) metabolic stress. The effect is twofold because strength training has a direct effect on your muscles but also on your cardio .

The idea is to work multiple muscle groups while trying to decrease the recovery time between sets. Among the exercises, you can do squats, lunges, push-ups, a bit of bench press, etc.

4 – Try core exercises to get abs when you’re a woman

Core exercises like abdominal plank allow you to work your deep abs rather than the shallow ones. But be careful: just doing sit-ups is not for having a flat stomach. This will have the effect of drawing your abs. But if these are hidden by a layer of fat, well we will not see them and your stomach will not be flat.

Coming back to our starting equation (calorie deficit = energy expended> energy consumed), here is a simulation with a very concrete example to fully understand.

Say your body requires 2000 calories per day to function properly.

One hour of elliptical trainer or runner can burn about 500 calories. If you consumed 2000 calories that same day, you created a deficit of 500 calories [2000 – 500 – 2000 = -500].

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