How to eat better and lose weight quickly?

How to eat better and lose weight?

The right portions in the right proportions: how should you eat to lose weight?

In general, to lose weight, you need to adopt a strategy of healthy management of the amount of food you eat. With this way of eating to lose weight, it involves, on the one hand, controlling food portions by taking into account the number of calories necessary for the body’s energy expenditure.

And on the other hand, to create the right balance between the different food groups to succeed in losing weight without endangering your health.

However, to lose weight over the long term and avoid breaking down or having the yoyo effect, you do not want to count calories and restrict the proportions. So, in this case: What to eat, and how to do it to lose weight effectively?

Here are some steps to follow.

How to have a balanced diet

Losing weight by eating a balanced and healthy diet is simply to give your body the full range of nutrients adapted to the individual morphology that the body needs to function properly. What matters most here is not necessarily the proportions and portions in your daily menu, but more the food groups that make it up.

A balanced diet is not one that integrates all the different food groups, but one that is balanced for its own body type as Ayurveda says.

Of course, the healthier and more nutritious the food, the better. When it comes to weight loss, a healthy and balanced diet is generally based on three basic principles: eat little fat, little sugar and little salt. So that doesn’t mean that in order to lose weight, you have to deprive yourself of any food.

In addition: eating less fat is total bullshit. To lose weight you need to know your body, its way of losing weight and especially not to eliminate fat but to reduce fake sugar, that is to say refined sugar.

As much, it will be necessary to eat proteins in appropriate quantity, as much it will also be necessary to do it for fibers, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids, calories, and irons…

However, it is possible to lose weight without dieting. And here’s what to eat to lose weight.

How to lose weight without dieting

Sometimes, it is not necessary to follow a drastic diet or to deprive yourself of anything to lose weight. You can do this very well without a diet. All you need to do is learn to eat properly, manage your satiety and hunger, respect your body and control your balanced weight.

Here are some good habits that you must adopt on a daily basis to lose the extra pounds without having to resort to a special diet:

  • eat at the right time when you are hungry: this is what nutritionists call chrononutrition. In other words, the right time to sit at the table should be defined according to your period of activity during the day;
  • Eating slowly: Gobbling down food too quickly increases satiety. But by chewing them slowly, you enjoy them more and this also facilitates digestion;
  • avoid eating more than you want: eating too much naturally makes you fat;
  • add variety to menus and compose with the right ingredients;
  • favor the consumption of homemade meals;
  • avoid snacking between meals;
  • avoid stressing too much or being anxious all the time;
  • go green by consuming fennel seeds, fucus, bitter orange…
  • get enough rest or sleep;
  • finally, do regular physical activity and / or yoga, etc.

What fruit to eat when on a diet?

Fruits are renowned for their low calorie content and high fiber content. For this, they are ruthless allies in the fight against fat loss. Yet they are sweet and contain fructose. So they’re not always good friends.

However, there are four varieties of fruit that I can recommend to you in your slimming diet.

First, there are berries such as strawberries, raspberries and blackberries which are very effective in fighting cellulite, promoting cell renewal and firming of the skin. Then there are summer fruits to regulate appetite like nectarines, apricots, melons and peaches.

Still in the list of fruits that you can eat to lose weight, there are tropical fruits like guava, papaya, grapefruit, pineapple, mango, orange; and winter fruits such as citrus fruits, apples and pears, etc. What about foods that make you lose weight?

What are the foods that make you lose weight?

If it is advisable to include all types of food in your diet to lose weight, there are still some foods that are more to recommend in this case , because of their great effectiveness in the fight against the mass. Here are a few examples:

Swiss cheese, low fat yogurt and milk: These foods provide the body with a significant amount of calcium which limits the storage of fat in the body by adipose cells. However, they are acidic so be careful not to over-consume so as not to put the body in acidosis. Get to know your typology well to easily answer this question.

Salmon to burn bad fat: Rich in omega-3, this food is effective in reducing body fat and satiety. In addition, it brings good humor.

Among the other foods that allow you to eliminate fat and therefore lose weight, you also have barley and oats (in particular to fight against abdominal fat), nuts and almonds, banana, eggs, sweet pepper, pear and apple, and sardine…

When to eat to lose weight easily?

Many may not know it, but to lose weight, choosing the right time to eat is just as essential if not essential. A healthy and balanced diet is based in principle on three daily meals: breakfast, lunch and evening dinner.

However, it doesn’t always have to be to lose weight. Depending on your type, it may be healthy to eat 3 basic meals to accelerate weight loss.

But the most important thing is to eat when you feel the end and not according to the time of day.

From this information, what is the first action you will take to get back in shape?

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