Tired of unnecessary diets … how to lose?

You might be one of those people who feel like they’ve tried everything and for whom losing weight has become synonymous with headaches.

You are possibly those who think that it would be necessary to add a few hours in a day to find the time to play sports and take care of yourself, or to those who feel they are missing a crucial step between when they decide to take the bull by the horns and when they really do.

In short, to all those who only want to be pros in Pilates and drink green smooties but are demoralized before even getting started, the real question is:

How to start to get back in shape WITHOUT unnecessary diet?

You are probably a real encyclopedia when it comes to fat-burning diets and exercises right now, but if that was enough, you would not be reading this article.

So, how do you find THE motivation?

I suggest you here:

  • To change your approach to weight loss.
  • To stop making yourself feel guilty about “not having the will” to put up with you 20min of running, and “not to be mentally strong enough” to maintain a diet over time.
  • Forget the misconception that the harder it is, the more effective it is.
  • To erase your hard drive that you are not made for diets, and realize that diets are not for you.
  • And assume that if the body says no, it’s not good!

The idea is:

Make your brain understand that this feeling of constraint that weighs down our morale is over, to take up the problem at the base: your body .

Your goal in reality is not a number on the scale, nor even entering 38.

It’s about feeling good about yourself!

The number and size are just the icing on the cake (if I may say so!), detail in reality compared to the other benefits of being in shape and healthy!

Now, if we think about the expression “to feel good about yourself”, we are not only talking about the body, but also, and above all, about the head, mind. There is no benchmark weight or pant size that everyone without exception is going to feel good about, there is no such thing. Everything happens individually, each in his head, it’s an impression that is unique to us.

That’s why I suggest you come back to your own brain for 2 seconds, to learn how to talk to it and find YOUR real motivation .

Not the one that will last 2 weeks, or the one that will take so much effort from you it will take months to find it.

But the one that goes for every day, every year of your whole life!

For that, here is a first exercise. (That’s it, she’s starting to annoy us!)

Don’t be afraid, anyone can do it!

You just have to sit down and think.

Sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

Lie down if you prefer, relax and breathe deeply until you are perfectly relaxed.

Become aware of your body, the position it is in, the movement of your rib cage when you breathe. Take the time .

I recommend a few small relaxation exercises, a background sound that relaxes you. (I’ll detail a few in a future article.)

Then, once perfectly relaxed, imagine.

Think of your body as a whole in 2 parts:

1st part: affective

Imagine your body as independent of yourself, as part of you but as a whole entity.

Think of him as someone dear to you, your friend, your sister, whoever you want, and tell yourself that you are ONLY responsible for his well-being.

View it.

Realize that you would never be as hard on her as you are on your body.

Do you still want to talk to him so badly? To look away from her, to ignore her?

Your mission is to take care of it. Not just for 2 weeks. But every day of every year of your life. Pamper her, feed her a healthy diet, give her the best, advise her to take care of her!

Over time, it will be a real pleasure for you to watch her blossom day after day.

2nd part: mechanical

Your body is your vehicle , your on-board computer. He is programmed to work to the best of his ability and decides a lot of things without consulting you! After all, does he need you to breathe, to warm up when it’s cold, to increase or decrease his heart rate, to keep functioning when you sleep?

The bad news is that the mechanic is you! …

I would like to tell you the opposite but it’s up to you to maintain it, refuel and do the overhaul, and no one other than you can’t do it.

The good news is that the mechanic is you !! 

Who better than you to feel, to listen, to observe it on a daily basis and to take care of it?

So to all of you who hate looking in the mirror, those days are over!

Prepare to have fun!

As so often when it comes to losing weight, it seems easier said than done. So, once again, take the time! It’s okay not to get there right away, it’s a real job on yourself.

Repeat the exercise if necessary, but it has to fit! :))

Take it for a walk if you prefer, in nature, wherever you feel good.

Stop messing around with your “Bikini Body” and all those stupid items that make you think you’re less than others if you don’t have it still not reached once the summer has passed. This is not a race against time, there is no deadline, your only goal is to do your best, one day at a time . No more no less.

Block all those negative thoughts about yourself, imagine telling them to your friend (not sure you will stay friends for long…!), be indulgent with them she.

Again, easier said than done you might say.

So here is another little exercise to get rid of these kinds of thoughts, which you can do at any time.

Let’s take an example: “What’s the point? I have tested everything, I am not losing weight … “

Visualize this thought as a helium-filled balloon taking up all the space in your head and consciously decide to get rid of it . He has nothing to do there!

Watch it come out and go so far it disappears completely from your view. Then feel the well-being of having more room for pleasant thoughts.

Silly but it works!

Try it, what do you risk?  Are you afraid of being ridiculous? Good thing, no one can see what’s going on in your head!

The famous “letting go”, do you know? It’s that “simple”!

Don’t panic if it doesn’t work right away, it’s normal.

To help you, I’ll put together a sports program, in the next article, to boost your self-confidence, in 3 min 30 Top Chrono! (yes yes I timed!)

avoir plus d'énergie 2

Soon you will be a pro in Pilates and green smoothies! A bit of patience ! All the pros were once beginners 

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